Rugmaker ~ Vicki Fraser

Worldwide travel has given Vicki an appreciation of the diversity of cultures. These experiences have directly energized her development as an artist and person. She composes cultural statements utilizing the medium of the hand-knotted rug. Vicki's studies in rug restoration techniques allow her to bring the ancient methods of spinning, natural dying and rug making, to make the California Rug.

Rug cartoon designer ~ Emily Whittlesey

Emily brought her design skills to the project, interpreting Vicki's themes, developing and transforming them by creating the a computer generated cartoon. Thus, the rug has been curiously created using a high tech method for the printouts of the cartoon grid, yet the rug itself was being created using the 5000 year-old low tech methods of spinning, dyeing, and knotting by hand.

Right:Vicki Fraser