The contemporary California Rug design incorporates traditional Oriental rug borders, featuring a central field, major and minor borders. The outermost border represents the waves of the Pacific Ocean toward the west and south, and the open sky in the north and east. The plant border is the second border, depicts nearby local vistas as well as details various crops and native plants. The third border from the selvedge is the entertainment, communication and high-tech border. In the major border one first senses California, after whom the state was named. Here the croplands and curves of the rolling, golden hills frame the broad expanse of the central valley.

The rectangular shape of the California Rug design aligns itself with the four cardinal directions, the "top" being the north part of the state, and so on. The proportions of the rug, 5 feet by 15 feet, match the state, which is approximately three times longer north to south than it is east to west.

Right: Detailed pictures of the rug. (Click each to enlarge)